SOUTH ASIA’S LARGEST Exhibition and Conference on Cold-Chain, Industrial Refrigeration & Reefer Transportation

REFCOLD INDIA Innovation Hub

Have you ever witnessed ideas and futuristic innovations come into reality? Have you ever seen an industry growing in front of your eyes with its advanced technology? We give you that opportunity, this year! Exclusively for our exhibitors and partners, we present REFCOLD INNOVATION HUB.

It is a prospering platform for all the ACE-CLASS exhibitors and partners to showcase their creative ideations, visions, innovations, patented products, and technologies which have power to transform the Refrigeration and Cold Chain industry to its core. Innovation Hub will be a great chance for the talented and sharp visionaries to showcase their skills. Based on the idea of Make In India Campaign, we intend to promote the talented youth and companies from India to showcase their strengths.

This platform will let innovation develop on a more solid ground where people from different countries would be willing to learn more about your visions. We are glad to share this occasion with promising exhibitors, partners and the NEXT GENERATION LEADERS of Cold Chain and Refrigeration Industry. Leave your mark on the visitors who will witness your innovations. Now is the time!

Disclaimer: The products displayed in REFCOLD INDIA are not endorsed or promoted whatsoever. REFCOLD will not be responsible for any copyright protection or any plagiarism case.

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India has the largest cold store capacity in the world.

The penetration rate of the refrigerator market in india is on an increasing trend - from 27-3% in 2016 to a projected 47.5% in 2026

Knowledge enhancing workshops and seminars

Only exhibition focusing on industrial refrigeration along with Cold-Chain and reefer transportation.

Innovation Pavilion - Dedicated pavilion recognizing the innovative products and technology of the industry.

Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmer’s Welfare (Horticulture Division – MIDH)


By 2020, Indian Food and Retail market is projected to touch $ 828.92 bn

By 2020, the Indian Dairy Industry is expected to double to $ 140 bn

By 2024, the Food Processing Industry will potentially attract $ 33 bn investments and generate employment for 9 mm people

By 2030, Indian annual household consumption to spike, making India the 5th largest consumer

100% FDI is permitted under the automatic route in Food Processing Industries

100% FDI is allowed through goverment approval route for trading, including through e-commerce in respect of food products manufuctured or produced in India


Who should exhibit?

Companies that provide equipment, tools and technologies that support the infrastructure and operations of cold-chain design and build services cold storage warehouse and processing facilties, all forms of refrigerated transportation import/export facilities and services, and companies that provide third-party cold storage and refrigeration logistics.


If you produce, handle, store, transport or are involved in the distribution of perishable products, then REFCOLD INDIA is for you!