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Refcold Emerson Awards 2019. The saga of excellence continues

Award Categories

The REFCOLD INDIA Emerson Awards 2019 will have three Award categories this year. These will be

    This award category is open for Refrigeration Projects/Plants that have been set up anywhere in India during the past 5 years.
    This award category is focusing on projects which pertain to development of cold chain infrastructure such as pack houses, perishable processing centers, reefer vehicles, material handling, food tracing and IOT systems etc. (Not restricted to refrigeration systems)
    The award category is for innovative refrigeration or Cold Chain Accessory Products either manufactured or imported into India and are commercially available in the country.

The following table gives a brief idea of the various applications (not limited to) that can be considered under each category:

Type of Nomination Consideration Set (Not Restricted to List Below)
Refrigeration Plants / Projects Ammonia/Freon Based Plants, Hybrid Plants (Ammonia + Glycol or Ammonia + CO2)
Cold Chain Infrastructure Projects Pack houses, Speciality Docks (Receiving / Dispatch), Doors / Docking Systems, Solar/Rain Water Harvesting/Energy Sustenance Enhancements, Processing Halls/Packhouses, Reefer transport, Ripening Chambers, Innovative Business Models, Cold/Freezer Rooms, Blast Freezers etc
Refrigeration Products Any Refrigeration or Cold Chain Accessory Products


Refrigeration & Cold Chain Projects & Product categories will be assessed on the following criteria

This can be a project or a product. It could be an innovation that creates a breakthrough business model, or it could be a highly effective product of the kind not available in the market. It should help resolve a cold chain industry problem in a unique way or meet an unarculated need. It could be in any field of the industry - a material handling process or an innovative safety measure. It should result in substanal savings in capital or operational or process costs and /or create a competitive advantage for the company and provide business benefits. Improvement in the products quality – touch, feel, shelf life, appearance can also be treated as an Innovation. Parameters could be - maintenance of right temperature, RH levels, specific gas emission levels (like Ethylene, CO2) and product quality.

This ought to be a project design or product that is high on sustainability. Best pracces exhibited such as use of renewable energy, intelligent and energy efficient technologies, capacity modulation will be benchmarked. The energy performance will need to be quantified against the best in its class i.e.–COP, Lifecycle Energy Costs, ROI etc.

For refrigeration plants and cold chain infrastructure projects, it is important to minimize usage of natural resources and reduce project's impact on the environment. Usage of eco-friendly refrigerants, innovative recycling technologies, lower carbon footprint, recyclability and low sound for acousc quality will be some of the important elements that will be considered for both project and product categories.

Another important aspect is the project/ product's cost effectiveness, its scalability in implementing best technologies and its effect on the larger strata of population. The project will be evaluated against its life cycle cost, with preference given to the most reliable opotin that provides highest return on investment and opmum space utilization.

The explanation given above is only a guideline, applicants are encouraged to provide additional information/ quantitative data depending on their nomination requirement.

Note: Applicable Rules

  • Nomination can be sent by anyone who is familiar with the Project/Product being nominated.
  • The Project should be operational as on 1/05/2019 and the nominated Product should be commercially available in India as on 1/05/2019.
  • Owner's signed consent required for project nomination (Only for Project, not required for Product owners)
  • All categories will have a winner and a runners-up award.
  • All nominations received before 30/07/2019 will be reviewed by the Technical Committee. Shortlisted nominations will be required to submit a detailed application form for scrutiny by the Award Jury.
  • Decisition of the Jury will be final and binding.
  • Any Project or Product connected with the Technical Committee / Jury will not be eligible for the award.
  • If required, applicants may need to share additional details with the Technical Committee / Jury over a telephone call or during a site visit. Any Project where owner refuses to share data or does not allow access for inspection will be automatically disqualified.
  • Winning entries from RefCold Emerson Awards 2018 cannot be resubmitted

Winners will be felicitated at a grand award function during the RefCold India Expo, which is being organized at Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, over 21-23 November, 2019.


The awards will be bestowed upon the Project / Product that has demonstrated excellence by focusing on innovation, energy efficiency, best practices in cold chain perishable handling /storage, product quality and sustainablity. In the process, these awards will help in showcasing aprojector aproductthat sets benchmarksfor the industry. The winners of the REFCOLD INDIA EMERSON AWARDS should have demonstrated excellence in the project or product categories by exceeding expectations in terms of performance, energy efficiency parameters & innovation. Each category will have a winner and a runners-up.

These will be selected by an eminent panel of independent jury members. There is a simple application form to be filled in. From the nominations received up to 30 July 2019, the Award recipient will be adjudged on the basis of several parameters, which may involve a telephonic interview conducted by the RefCold Emerson Awards Technical commiee.

It will shortlist eligible nominations for which more exhaustive data will be collected and these will be presented to the jury for selecting the Winner & Runner-up. In respect of projects, owner's consent to participate in the competition is essenal. The owner should be willing to share data sought by the commiee/jury and should also agree to a possible visit by the jury to the installation

Awards will be presented at a grand function on 21 November 2019, first day of the exhibition at Hyderabad to honour the winners. In all maers relang to the award, the decisition of ISHRAE Refrigeration commiee and/or Jury will be final and binding.


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By 2024, the Food Processing Industry will potentially attract $ 33 bn investments and generate employment for 9 mm people

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Who should exhibit?

Companies that provide equipment, tools and technologies that support the infrastructure and operations of cold-chain design and build services cold storage warehouse and processing facilties, all forms of refrigerated transportation import/export facilities and services, and companies that provide third-party cold storage and refrigeration logistics.


If you produce, handle, store, transport or are involved in the distribution of perishable products, then REFCOLD INDIA is for you!