Mehta Tubes Ltd
Optimising Cold-chain Logistics in Food & Pharma Sectors

Showcasing the mettle of Innovation at REFCOLD India 2018 – By Mehta Tubes Ltd

From a small trading operation in the late 70's, to investing in our first manufacturing facility at Pardi, Gujarat in 1984 to now the Mehta Group being a Rs.500 crore group, is the only Indian Copper Tube manufacturing company to be approved by Daikin India plant,most preferred brand for use in the most critical medical gas systems in hospitals. Largest brand in India for HVACR industry.

Mehta Group has been doing rounds in expansion by collaborating with Hitachi Japan for manufacturing MB2 automobile rings. They also manufacture Integral Fin Tubes for multinationals companies like Daikin, Carrier, Bluestar and Substitute to imports,Setup for Inner Grooved Tubes, Expansion of Finning Capacities.

Conex Banninger specializes in providing fittings, valves and accessories across the globe by offering innovative and versatile solutions& has an established history in pressing solutions, introducing the precursor to today’s >B< Press fitting over 30 years ago. >B< Press is available in complete ranges including Press Copper (Hot & Cold-Water Plumbing), Press Gas (Copper), Press Solar (Copper), Press SS316L Inox (Hot & Cold-Water Plumbing) and Press Carbon Steel.

MaxiPro which is an innovative press system which is quick and simple to install providing a secure and permanent joint. A 3-point press design– one presses each side of the bead, and one press compressing the O-ring, lead-in edge design aids installation and helps protect the O-ring from damage or displacement. Suitable for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications up to 48 bar, MaxiPro flame-free installation avoids the need for a fire permit and the risk of fire on site. Mechanical joint, eliminates the need for nitrogen purge during the jointing process. MaxiPro is UL Certified Recognised Component and is being sold in USA, Europe and Australia successfully. Covered by a 5-year product Guarantee when installed by a trained and certified MaxiPro installer.

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The food processing business is a pillar of the world economy, with a projected value of USD 535 billion by 2025-26. USA, China, Germany , Netherlands and Japan are few of the large markets of global processed food industry.

In the USA over 70% of perishable food gets refrigerated, while in India, it is less than 4% . The current level of food processing in India is 10 per cent, and contributes 12.8 per cent to the Indian GDP.

Indian government approved a new PLI scheme for the food processing sector, with a budget outlay of US$1.46 billion. Improved Cold Chain facilities will aid in recouping the present one-third loss of perishable goods.

India is the world’s third largest producer of pharmaceuticals by volume. The pharmaceutical industry, particularly biopharma, is largely reliant on the cold chain.

The medical refrigerators market is projected to grow from USD 3.3 billion in 2019 to USD 4.2 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2019 to 2024.

Refrigeration systems are essential to process control and environmental management in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage given the extremely high value of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and finished products.


Who should exhibit?

Companies that provide equipment, tools and technologies that support the infrastructure and operations of cold-chain design and build services cold storage warehouse and processing facilties, all forms of refrigerated transportation import/export facilities and services, and companies that provide third-party cold storage and refrigeration logistics.


If you produce, handle, store, transport or are involved in the distribution of perishable products, then REFCOLD INDIA is for you!