REFCOLD INDIA | Conference
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21-23 November 2019 // Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad
International Exhibition and Conference on Cold Chain, Industrial Refrigeration & Reefer Transportation


Workshops & Seminars

REFCOLD INDIA 2018 is proud to announce Workshops and Seminars that will be conducted during the 3 day event from 22 – 24, November 2018.

Workshops will be on design / installation / operation & maintenance and troubleshooting aspects of Refrigeration & Cold Chain Plants. These Workshops will be conducted in 3 half day sessions in Vernacular language ( Either Gujarati or Hindi ). Workshops are free of charge based on pre-registration.

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Seminars shall be on theme based topics and shall be taken by eminent national & International speakers of Refrigeration and Cold chain industries from all over the Globe. These Seminars will be conducted in 4 half day sessions, one each on 22nd & 24th November , while two sessions will be on 23rd November to be taken by distinguished lecturers from UNEP / ASHRAE / IIR . These Seminars are on chargeable basis.

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Themes for Seminars are as mentioned below:

A) Industrial Refrigeration:

  • Design of two stage system for maximum efficiency
  • Cascading system for low temperature
  • Automation in Refrigeration
  • Energy storage using phase change material and to reduce energy bill
  • Low Charged Ammonia System


B) Refrigeration in Cold Chain Industries:

  • Onion Warehousing
  • Refrigeration for Dairy
  • Refrigeration for Fishery
  • Application of Refrigeration in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cold chain in blood Products & biological Samples
  • Cold Chain in Food & Good Practices
  • Monitoring & Diagnostic services for Reefer


C) Natural Refrigerants:

  • Introduction to Natural Refrigerants & Alternatives to HFCs
  • CO₂ as Refrigerant
  • Heat pump with Propane as refrigerant
  • Study of 427A refrigerant ( Alternative to R-22)
  • Use of cryogenic fluid for low temperature
  • Refrigerant option existing and future
  • Ammonia / carbon dioxide system
  • Sustainable old and development of new refrigerant


D) Innovative Technologies in Refrigeration:

  • Latest trends in compressors, condensers, evaporators and system design
  • Microwave assisted freezing
  • Energy Efficient and Modern Technology Infrastructure for cold stores including steel structure and thermal insulation
  • Alternative energy based Cold storage
  • Cryogenic solution for reefers
  • Quick freezing equipment’s


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